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CP220 Khawaja Roshnai Turkoman Oriental Rug   6'-7" x  9'-9"

 576  knots /s.i.
NE Afghanistan 



These are undoubtedly the finest Turkoman carpets I've ever seen and definitely some of, if not THE, finest ever woven! Fantastic detail to the design!! The border patterns and the variation of the gul / minor gul pattern are specific to the Khawaja Roshnai rugs. All hand-spun 'qurt' wool pile, ivory/mocha wool warp, wefts of ivory; deep indigo and madder root dyed wools. The dyes all come from natural sources which means that these colors will age like a fine wine and become richer and more complex with passage of time. As with any truly great carpet, the contemporary versions and 'knock-offs' are, at best, weak and feeble attempts. There are very limited numbers of these original quality masterpieces available world-wide......as they say "snooze and you lose"!!

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