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Nuristan Dowry Chest   2' x 4' x 4' 
Central Asia - mid 19th Century

These chests were made to fill up with a bride's dowry and then displayed for all to see at the wedding ceremony. They come from the area of land just below the Hindu Kush 'finger'  above Pakistan that is now part of Afghanistan. This valley and mountains  were refered to as Kafiristan in the Kipling story "The Man who would be King" and was not conquered by the Afghans until the late 1800's when it was brought under Muslim rule and renamed "Nuristan" (enlightened ones). The boards and all parts of these chests were made with hand tools....as you can see by the marks on the side boards. Only the front is decoratively carved as the top would traditionally be covered by a weaving or small carpet. The chest has been taken apart and pieces marked for re-assembly, and easier transport. The top left spire in front has been damaged but when you consider that these chests were strapped onto a camel whenever it was time to move, it's amazing to have one in this condition!!


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